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Ghot-it Grammar/Spelling Software

Ghotit's spelling and grammar checker starts by performing a spell check and an in-depth analysis of the written text, suspecting every word as a misspelled or misused word (misused words are words that are spelled correctly but are used in the wrong context). Following this preliminary analysis, Ghotit analyzes the English grammar and performs a grammar check based on the words it suggested. The grammar correction takes into account the unique grammar errors that are made by people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities. These grammar errors are caused in many cases due to spelling problems. In addition to spelling and grammar, correct punctuation is required in high quality written text. People with dyslexia dysgraphia and other learning disabilities tend to produce text with poor punctuation. Ghotit takes this into account, and incorporates additional algorithms and rules to correct punctuation errors too.

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