1. Available

    Switch Activated Floppy Bunny

    Great for teaching cause and effect skills. Capability switch required with this item.

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  2. Available

    Switch Activated Pet Chihuahua

    A cute pet! Take your new companion out for a walk. He walks, barks, and wags his tail. He is extremely lively and adventurous. He loves to get tons of affection too. A wonderful cause and effect experience which helps to increase visual attention and tracking skills.

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  3. Available

    Switch Activated Birthday Bear

    Make a wish! Activate your capability switch and the cupcake candle will light up and the adorable bear sways his head back and forth. He reminds you to make a wish, then sings happy birthday to you. Song plays for 25 seconds or press your switch again and the song stops.

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  4. Available

    Wireless Pitching Machine

    Now everyone can play baseball! Everyone can take turns being the pitcher. Just activate the wireless switch and the pitching machine winds up the ball and pitches it to a batter. Switch works from up to 10 feet away. Machine can be used with or without a capability switch. Plastic bat included.

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  5. Available

    Volley Durabeep Ball 2

    Turn the switch on and the Volley DuraBeep Ball will start beeping so you can always tell where the ball is. Beeps continuously.

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