1. Available

    Universal Switch Mounting System (Slim Armstrong) 2

    The Slim Armstrong Mounting System is a mounting system for communication devices or switches that can be attached to wheelchairs, bed frames, tables or trays for activities at home, school, work and in the community. The device has a slender, telescoping arm that holds up to 5 pounds. The system includes the following components: a clamp for anchoring on most curved or flat surfaces, a ball joint, a flexor rod with built-in ball joint, a telescoping arm, and a small triangular mounting plate. These parts can be mixed and matched to create four mounting systems to adapt to individual needs. The Slim Armstrong can be turned a full 360 degrees for repositioning.

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  2. Available

    Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch

    The Candy Corn proximity sensor switch is highly sensitive and does not require a physical touch to activate. Just wave your hand or other portion of your body within 10 millimeters of the switch to activate. Visual and auditory cues occur when the switch is activated.
    • Compact size
    • Activate without touching
    • Orange lights activate for visual cues
    • Beeping sound for auditory cues
    • Magnetic Mounting
    • 3.5 millimeter switch jack

    Compatibility: Candy Corn is not compatible with TrackerPro, battery adapted toys, battery operated scissors, and Paint 'N' Swirl.

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  3. Available

    SAM Trackball-Switch Adapted

    This trackball has been adapted to accommodate up to 3 switches to control mouse buttons and/or keystrokes. 

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  4. Available

    SAM Joystick

    This joystick allows the user to control a computer cursor. When you push the stick, the cursor does not go flying, no matter what the user does. It simply moves in that direction at a given speed, controllable by the supervisor from a switch underneath. 

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  5. Available

    Roller II Joystick

    The Roller II Joystick is an alternative to a mouse. It will seem familiar to powered wheelchair users, eliminating the need for the user to learn a new control method. 

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