1. Available

    Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard

    Split design eliminates wrist twist and allows a central number cluster which can be used by right or left hand as preferred.

    Finger length adapted - offset key rows accommodate different lengths of fingers to reduce movement and tension.  
    Straight vertical key columns eliminate tens of thousands of finger and wrist twists in a day's work.
    Thumb keys for Space (plus E on Maltron layouts), Return, Delete, Backspace and Cursor keys reduce hand and arm movement. Versatile thumbs are used far more effectively.
    Built in large palm resting pads allow immediate hand and arm relaxation during "Thinking Time", and promote a reduction in arm rotation.

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  2. Available

    Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

    Wireless keyboard for use with Apple Devices. Works within 30 feet of the device

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  3. Available

    Half-qwerty Keyboard

    The Half-QWERTY Keyboard has two half keyboards embedded into a standard keyboard. Type with one hand or two. 

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  4. Available

    FrogPad iFrog Keyboard

    Frogpad is a one hand keyboard to make typing easier for people who can use only one hand.

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  5. Available

    Flexible Full-sized Keyboard

    The keyboard is great for industrial environments, hospitals, libraries, and motor boats. The silicon based material is impervious to almost anything and, it's easy and fun to use. 

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SMATC Loan Program

This project is funded through the STAR Program by the Rehabilitation Services Administration under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended in 2004 (P.L. 108-364). $47,000 of this project is financed with Federal Funds. Content of this publication does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the STAR Program or the Minnesota Department of Administration or Rehabilitation Services Administration.

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