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    Captel 840i Phone

    The CapTel 840i Captioned Phone is a traditional-style phone that shows word-for-word captions of your conversation on a large, 7" easy-to-read display. The CapTel 840i is an ideal amplified captioned phone solution for people with low vision or who have difficulty reading standard-sized captions.

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    LightOn – an innovative solution specifically developed for the deaf and hard of hearing – immediately alerts users when a call or SMS is received on their mobile phones. As soon as a new call or SMS comes in, a bright LED light is triggered, which continues to flash until the user notices the missed call and resets the unit.

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    Alert Master Personal Tactile Signaler

    Carry this unit around or wear it on your belt anywhere inside or outside your home up to 80 feet away from base unit. It uses different vibrating patterns along with six indicator buttons to help you easily recognize which area needs your attention. Once triggered, it will vibrate to signal an alert. The user then presses each indicator button one by one. The pager will vibrate a second time when the user has selected the correct alert function. Operates with a rechargeable battery pak (included) and comes with charger (included). .

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    Nova Chat 7

    The Nova Chat 7 is a portable speech generation device for children and adults with significant communication difficulties. It is designed to be easy to setup and use with natural text-to-speech capabilities and a library of over 12,000 communications symbols.

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  5. Available

    Serene Amplified Talking Caller ID Telephone

    Amplifies the incoming sound up to 600 times louder (up to 60 dB), the most powerful in its class, Talking Caller ID enunciates the caller's number in English, French or Spanish, Easy to use phone book with incoming-call and dialed-call logs
    HDS (Hi-Definition Sound) technology makes every word clear and intelligible, it eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static noise, Back-lit talk-back keys confirm (in English, French or Spanish) if you've pressed the desired key correctly, Missed-call indicator for extra convenience, Audio and visual "Off-hook" warning to alert you that you have not hang-up your phone properly
    Digital Tone Settings allow you to selectively enhance the tone of difficult to hear words making them easy to understand again, Six (6) easy to program one-touch speed dial buttons, Super louder ringer (95+dB) with adjustable ringing volume and tone, Two bright visual ringer flashers so you will never miss another call again
    Large and easy to see display with menu in English, French or Spanish, Battery back-up for full operation during power outage, Output jack for tele-coil, neck-loop and other assistive accessories, Hearing aid compatible handset

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This project is funded through the STAR Program by the Rehabilitation Services Administration under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended in 2004 (P.L. 108-364). $47,000 of this project is financed with Federal Funds. Content of this publication does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the STAR Program or the Minnesota Department of Administration or Rehabilitation Services Administration.

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